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Hello to my supporters,

My current project is Essence of Love, the sequel to Essence of Time. This book focuses on Peter and Clara's new relationship and her adjustment to life in Kentucky while raising baby Anna. Of course, Seamus is still a big part of the story. A new character is also introduced in response to a contest winner for a Father's Day tribute. Look for Rafael, my dear friend's father as we pay tribute to father's everywhere!

Taking things to a more serious side now. I will be working on a biography of a woman who dealt with poverty, absence of her father, multiple miscarriages, and several marriages all while living with depression and other health problems. Why am I showcasing this person's life? Because it's a story of survival.

I plan on continuing the Cantonelli family story so stay tuned for a sequel!

I also have in the works a paranormal book that I am calling, The Ghost Box. I'm super excited for this one!