Author Angel Musk

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Cantonelli's Crest Release Date: April 15, 2016


As I wrote Cantonelli's Crest: Purple Haven, I was so excited about the storyline, that I forgot it was my own book. Thinking of adventurous character names could be challenging at times but luckily my full-time career gives me the opportunity to talk to many types of people to get ideas from. I have heard a buffet of unique names and when one draws me in, I hurry and write it down on a post it. I have come home with a purse full of post its ever since I started writing!

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Character Info:

  1. Grant Biltmore- business executive in the auto industry; chosen by the Vampire Council to be given the choice to join the Cantonelli family
  2. Dr. Leo Rowland- older gentleman and Grant's doctor
  3. Mona- Grant's secretary
  4. Elise Cantonelli- enforcer for the Cantonelli family and niece to Roman Cantonelli
  5. Roman Cantonelli- 470 years old; eldest family member; Grand Vampire to all immortals
  6. Lucas and Santiago Ortega- enforcers for the Cantonelli family and in their human life, former famous baseball players
  7. Bartholomew- enforcer for the Cantonelli family and devoted friend to Elise
  8. Talion Masters- music producer and agent to Elise
  9. Creighton- head of the Vampire Council in Italy
  10. Countess of Corona- located in Canada; her abilities and powers will be unvieled in the next book ; )
  11. Ethan Hardwicke- Grant's business partner and college friend
  12. Kieron- enforcer and technical guru to the Cantonelli family; located in Toronto
  13. Mr. Harrison- vampire that fell victim to Dr. Rowland
  14. Veronica Patelona- enforcer to the Cantonelli family; resides in Michigan
  15. Consuela- enforcer to the Cantonelli family; resides in Brazil
  16. Dr. Vornik- russian doctor hired by Roman
  17. Dr. Seco- canadian doctor hired by Roman
  18. Dr. Tinchel- greeneland doctor hired by Roman
  19. Titus Cantonelli- brother to Roman and father to Elise